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Chandler Construction Offers Crystalline Stone and Natural Stone Materials

High quality translucent stone for backlighting


Highly durable material available in an endless range of standardized color choices made starting with natural stones using a patented molecular process. This man made stone is more affordable and easier to maintain than most natural stones. The final result of the Inter-Crystaline® manufacturing process is a stone product that is Hydro-Oil Repellent, translucent, and perfect for backlighting projects. There are so many options, we have created our own Crystalline page.


A very popular stone choice for translucent backlighting, available in black, vanilla and caramel color tone options. Onyx stones features natural banding, which results in beautiful variability with each piece. This luxurious stone is durable and resistant to staining, scratching and heat damage.


A classic and elegant crystallized stone choice ranging from solid colors to exotic, delicately veined pattern options. Thinner layers of marble are used with backlighting to create sophisticated and inviting environments in the home.


This type of non-porous natural stone has a mosaic appearance and is quickly becoming a top choice for builders because of its durability compared to softer stones like marble. It ideal for use as kitchen countertops, due to its resistance to common acidic products like fruit juice and vinegar.


Formed by volcanic activity, this striking natural stone features endless patterns of specks, veins and swirls. Granite is resistant to weathering, intense heat and scratching, and is available in a wide selection of colors and finishes.

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