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Estimating the Price for Backlit Stone Projects

The main factors that affect the cost

Because natural stone and man made stone can vary widely in price it is very difficult to be a to create a price tag or cost table.

When using backlit stone materials, there are three main factors in cost: material, installation time, and lighting.

Materials are the actual stone or Crystaline that you will be backlighting. Several factors affect the cost with great variability in each piece of stone slab selected for your backlit stone project. This will most often be the largest expense of the three we have listed. However. we should mention that using manmade Crystaline material can often be up to half the price of natural stone and can drastically cut the cost of your project.

Cost Factors

  • Availability of stone
  • Color rarity
  • Overall thickness
  • Total size of single unit piece
  • Origin country
  • Uniqueness per slab
  • Number of natural imperfections
  • Natural vs manmade

Lighting involves the actual LED hard lights that you select to light your new stone decor. These lights come in strips, pucks, and bars; they can also be made into custom panels. Our manufacturing even offers an energy efficient line with higher initial costs but lower operating costs over time. We offer so many different lighting options that it is difficult to price them. When you sit down with us to outline your project, we will go over all of the LED lighting options for your backlit stone creation.

  • motion or optical sensors
  • remote control selection
  • number of LED bulbs used
  • different types of LED applied
  • color options of lighting
  • dimmable option
  • wiring schematic
  • electrical permits
Backlit Countertop Samples
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