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LED backlights for onyx and translucent stones

Dimmable color changing ambient backlights

Chandler Construction has been using Elemental LED equipment since we began creating backlit countertops and translucent stone accents in Palm Beach.

The Elemental LED line is considered to be the most dependable choice for LED products. We offer a wide variety of options, including high and ultra high strip light outputs, 12V and 24V, which fill almost every home application.

We have a energy-efficient product as well for those looking for a more sustainable option. The energy-efficient backlit products work wonderfully and are highly recommended.

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LED Strips & Tapes

12V LED Tape Light

New! High 80+ CRI
Bright task lighting
Very High Output
Excellent color rendering
Low Energy Use

480 Ultra High Output LED Strip Light

Dual lights
Our brightest strip
Ultra High Output

120V LED Strip Light

120V AC Direct Connect
Extended Run Lengths
High Output

12V Medium LED Tape Light

80+ CRI models available
Multi-use strip light
Medium brightness
Accent or ambient lighting
Very warm, warm, neutral and cool whites

24V RGBW LED Tape Light

Color-Changing light
White light
High Output

24V Tunable White LED Tape Light

Adjustable color temperature
Warm to cool white range
Bright light

Puck Lights

LED Puck Light

Very Bright
Samsung LED chips
Low heat

Recessed 12V LED Fixture

Adjustable gimbal for directed lighting
Features Nichia LEDs
Low heat

Color-Changing RGB Puck Lights

Sturdy Aluminum
Low Wattage
Dynamic and Exciting


Multi Color/Length LED Light Bar

Quick installation
5 Lengths and 2 colors
Waterproof and dustproof

Controllable RGB Led Light Bar

9 Inch & 20 Inch
Frosted cover

LED Display Graphics LIght

Bright, even lighting
For retail and trade show display graphics
Mounts directly to aluminum framing
Lightweight bar


RGB LED Remote Control

Includes remote control

24V RGBW Zone Color Controller

Create color control zones
Zone mode or Sync mode
Touch color picker
Rechargeable remote

24V Wall Mount LED Controller

Warm to cool white
Touch control panel
100-5% dimming range
On/off switching

DMX WiFi Wall Mount Zone LED Controller

Easy to use
Control up to 4 zones
10 preset modes
Custom color picker
For RGB / RGBW Lights

RGB Zone Control Color System

Up to 10 different color-changing zones
Very Powerful
Wireless Control
18 Color Modes
High Quality RGB Color Blending

Wall Mount DMX LED Controller

DMX Controller
Sleek touch pad
Memory of up to 200 scenes
For RGB lights

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