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Crystaline, The World's Most Beautiful Backlit Stone Material

Inter-Crystaline molecular process creates durable stones

Chandler Construction is proud to offer the one of a kind Crystaline® manmade stone from Brazil. The patented Inter-Crystaline® process is a product of 10 years of research and involves a molecular fusion of sealant and natural pigments. The color of natural marble and granite is permanently altered, and the finished product keeps its intense tone even through light abrasion or corrosion. Unlike other man made surfaces, the Crystaline product is heat resistant and makes a perfect countertop for all of your hot pans and dishes.

Chandler Construction offers many different Crystaline color options

Brilliant backlit Crystaline for every personality and mood

Gems Collection

Fully translucent gemstone color Aquamarine, Sapphire, Black Diamond, Amethys, Ruby, Topaz, Citrine, Emerald, and Blue Diamond Multi

Marble Collection

Features soft and vivid colors, this collection is stain proof and resistant to household products

Translucent: Sky, Soft Sky, Ocean, Jade, Soft Jade, Gold, Soft Gold, Wine and Pink

Onyx and Crystal Onyx Collection

Highly Translucent Natural Stone has high visual effects when backlit. These dimensional candy colored stones have increased strength. Onyx: Blue, Green Pink. Soft Blue ,Soft Green, Tangerine, Super Soft Blue, Yellow, Black Mocha, Soft Yellow, Soft Black Crystal Onyx: Blue, Aquamarine, Soft Blue, Soft Green, Yellow, and Mocha

Arts Collection

These onyx, quartzite, or marble slabs are transformed into newly colored works of art Blue Planet Marble, Sky Planet Onyx, Arts Marble, Color Planet Marble, Ocean Planet Onyx, Arts Marble 2, Crystal Arts Onyx

White Collection

Classic White Stone Options made with Marble, Onyx, or Gems Ice Onyx, White Classic, Ice Gems

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