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Chandler Construction's Professional Building Team

Custom built backlit stone in Palm Beach

Custom work for high rises, condos and homes; one room or the entire place. We use temporary wall barriers to keep the mess to the possible minimum and are adept at working within home association regulations and time frames. We own a facility and self manufacture our own backlit stone products.Fully insured and licensed general contractor in the state of Florida and Michigan.

Installation times for natural stone and Crystaline

Varying factors will determine the time

No two backlit stone projects will take the same amount of time. Even the exact same project at two different locations will have a varying amount of time before the two projects are completed. Because every project is custom, it is unfortunate that we can't determine and give you a guide so that you will know how long it will take within the comfort of your home.

Below are some of the variables that will impact the time it takes to complete a backlit stone project.

  • Acquiring local construction permits
  • Availability of the medium you desire
  • Complexity of the cut to the stone
  • Scheduling of the remodel
  • Special ordering materials
  • Seasonal building restrictions
  • Project modifications
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