• Materials
    Crystaline®, Onyx, Marble, Quartzite, Granite
  • Crystaline®
    How Crystaline is Different
  • Lighting
    Backlighting, Accent Lighting, Color Changing LEDs
  • Uses
    Countertops, Murals, Wall Panels, Flooring
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    Time to Install, Professional Installers
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Backlit Countertops
Design and Installation

Stone and Crystalline Palm Beach FL

Backlit Countertops design and installation through Chandler Construction offers licensed and insured sales and installation in the state of Florida.

We work with home and condominium remodeling and renovation projects. Today's new look incorporates technology with art. Bringing ageless stones into direct integration with light creates today's new cascading style. Whether you want to use Crystalline, Onyx, Granite, Marble or Quartzite stone, we are comfortable working with all of these different mediums for backlit stone projects.

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Chandler Construction, No Sub-Contracting

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